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June 04, 2019  •  3 Comments

Most of you know me and to those of you who don’t, I’m Josh Hartmann the owner and wedding photographer for Hartmann Photography in Bozeman Montana and the surrounding area. It is difficult to pick a place to begin to explain and tell a little bit about me. So I’ll give a short recap to get you caught up. 

I am originally from Sandy, Utah it is an off section of the greater Salt Lake area. The reason not that many people know that's where I am from is that my family moved to Montana when I was seven years old. So it is just easier to say I am from Montana than to go into the whole story of Utah. 

I lived in Missoula, MT from 1999 through the summer of 2010. After graduating from Hellgate High I wanted to get away but not have to pay for the insane pricing of out of state tuition. So that's how I ended up at Montana State University. A chance to get away without breaking the bank.
I went to Montana State University from 2010 and graduated the spring of 2015. I met my beautiful best friend freshman year who I married shortly after we graduated in July of 2015. After graduation is when I joined the adult world by getting a job like everyone else to support myself. I got the eight to five job where I stared at a computer screen plugged away so I can make a living.

Going back to how I got back into photography. I'll admit I did try to minor in photography while I was at MSU but my second year into the program I sadly did not pass the gate to continue my minor. That's what pushed me to focus more on my business degree. But, a strange realization happened in my second year of business school. I was sitting in class one day and looked around realizing I am the only student sitting in the front row. I need to sit in the front row because I have always had trouble reading the blackboard or slides on the projector. It made me wonder how are the other kids in the class able to read what is up in the front of the classroom. I know some probably didn't care but others can look at the board and write down what they needed. That was the first time that I realized maybe I need to go get my eyes checked.

I went to an Optometrist who gave me the news after my eye exam that I am LEGALLY BLIND. I couldn't believe it. I wondered how and how long has my vision been like this. I worked with the Optometrist and it took a few years to fine-tune my prescription cause, of course, it couldn't be an easy fix in my case. What I have is called Keratoconus. it is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. This cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye on its way to the light-sensitive retina, causing distorted vision. “10 Keratoconus Treatments Causes and Symptoms.” All About Vision, www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/keratoconus.htm.

It was a shock to realize that this disease will only be getting worse over time. But, it was nice knowing that I do have corrective prescription contact lenses that help get my eyes back to 20/20. I still remember the first time wearing my new contacts and it honestly felt like I was seeing the world for the first time. When I would take them out I couldn't believe how bad my vision had gotten. It is sadly comparable to when you open your eyes underwater and you see nothing but blurry blobs. I do legally have to wear my contacts when driving and honestly, I don't mind wearing them cause I like to be able to view the world as it was meant to be. So after having my eyes corrected, I had the idea that maybe I should get back into photography cause now I can see. 
So that is a little bit about me and how I got back into photography. I have always loved photography. I have been taking pictures for a very long time starting on my dad's old film 35mm Olympus to now my Sony a7riii.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little introduction about me. I hope you find it helpful about getting to know my background a little bit. I will try and post to my blog monthly and see how it goes from there. I will touch on different topics about photography, small business, and a few things I have learned about life.

If you have found this interesting please leave a comment below and tell me what topics you would like for me to cover or go into more detail about or you can tell me if you had a similar situation happen to you. Thank you, again and feel free to reach out to me personally anytime.



Becki Cook(non-registered)
Awesome! Super psyched for you & will give you a call as I develop my website!
Proud of you Josh! Also, you were only 7 when you guys moved?! That’s insane. I love seeing your photography!
Absolutely loved reading about your background. You are amazing! Your blog is great.... keep it up!
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